What a road trip - RAAM 2014

What a road trip - RAAM 2014

When you read about the Race Across America you can kind of imagine how hard the world's toughest bicycle race is, and I already had a lot of respect for the racers before we went on the journey. Being alongside the racers and the crew of the "4Athletes" from Germany for a week (they finished in 3rd place after 5days and 14hours, 6h short of the record and 8h faster than their last year's win) you really get to experience how much harder it is than you've imagined.

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RAAM - 2014 Race Across America

Just a few more days until the greatest endurance cycling race starts. I will be driving alongside and photographing last year's winner of the 4-person category Team "4athletes powered by Stenger Bikes". Four brave German souls, Peter, Frank, Frederick and Robert will start in Oceanside, CA and race nonstop to Annapolis, MD. 3000 miles, ca. 5½ days, 4 time zones, rain and shine, desert heat, high altitude, sleep deprivation and many more obstacles await them. This truly amazing journey starts June 14 and photos will be posted here as much as I can. www.raceacrossamerica.org