Attitude Is Everything

Attitude Is Everything when it comes to the BicycleDotNet Racing Team, an amateur cycling team from Los Angeles. The team races road, track/velodrome, cyclocross, gravel grinders, mountain bikes and "un-sactioned fixie races". What makes this team different from others is that it has no director or board. It has team founders who give it a direction, but mostly the team governs and manages itself collectively. The character of this team is pure fun and has a great passion for all things in cycling. All racers are amateurs; they develop their own training plan, and are highly self-driven and ambitious to perform well; nevertheless, they don't take themselves too seriously. As a result of this environment, team members can grow under less pressure and learn at their own pace, which has so far proven pretty successful.

Apart from their popular social media accounts, this team really needed a website that portraits its brand and character, and informs fans and sponsors, as well. Check out what we've built for them at