@ Wolfpack Hustle 6th St Bridge drag race

When my buddy Bryan from the team told me they would take part in the 6th Street Bridge drag race, I thought I GOT to photograph that!  

Well done!

Sorry, I missed your first two runs, I hadn't had my timing right yet. Glad I got a great shot during warm up of CoolAssMike, hope that'll make up for his run which was an epic disaster: Dude holding him at the start couldn't handle 200pounds of coolness, CoolAssMike struggling getting off the start line, his opponent losing his foot out of the cleat and pedaling with one leg... 

Here are your photos: team members: please feel free to share your photos online with your friends and family. Do not modify or sell these images. Please contact me if you want to modify and reuse, and if you'd like to make prints, I will help you out with this.